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When it comes to hardwood floors, mats are terrific thing. Little debris, such as dirt, can behave like sand paper and scuff the wood floor. Adding a floor mat near every single entranceway and urging household members and visitors to wipe his or her shoes, almost all filth and dirt will stay in the floor-mat. Additionally place a rug or floor-mat around any spot in which liquid might be spilled such as the sink in the kitchen. This will prevent your hardwood floor from possible water damage.

Be aware of non-ventilated or rubber-backed floor mats or area rugs could damage your flooring. Rather choose rugs or floor mats manufactured just for hardwood flooring and make sure to shake them out frequently.

Floor Maintenance:

With hardwood floors comes the duty of trying to keep it nice and clean. Help your floor maintain it’s original beauty by taking good care of it. The first task requires you to buy a good quality broom to help you sweep the floor frequently of dust, dirt and particles.
Next thing you’ll need is a vacuum cleaner with no beater bar, for getting inside the floor boards and other tricky areas.
Depending on the finish and installation of your wood flooring there are different deep cleaning techniques. For example: a terry cloth mop (8″x 14″) with rotating head can be used for “finish in place” type hardwood floors.

Check your flooring manufacturer for recommend cleaning products to remove tough spills and stains without ruining the finish of your hard wood floor.

Pre-finished wood floors usually have specific cleaning products that manufacturers recommend for keeping the hardwood floor’s finish. It’s best to apply their recommended maintenance/cleaning products and stick to specific guidelines to ensure that you don’t void your warranties. To be on the safe side always test a cleaner on some hidden part of the wood, like the pantry or closed to ensure that you are selecting the correct product.

Tips for keeping your floor healthy:

Avoid using a wax on a wood floor with a urethane finish.

Use products that do not leave a residue or film.

Avoid using oil soaps and ammonia on wood floors. Those cleaners can dull the finish and impact your capability to re-coat in the future.

Use professional good quality hardwood cleaner to remove scratches and scuffs. Flooring retailers will carry spray cleaners specially for hardwood floors.

Do not use excessive water or wet mop the hardwood floor. When the wood gets wet it will naturally expand and may cause your floor to splinter or crack.

Use a sponge or damp towel to clean sticky spots on the floor.

Clean any spills right away to reduce the exposure to water.

Exposure to sunlight can cause permanent change in color, use proper window treatments to help shade the floor.

To avoid permanent scratches and marks from furnitures, use specifically designed pads to cover furniture legs. Take extra care when moving heavy furniture to prevent unwanted scuffing.

Trim your pets nails regularly.

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